2 comments on “Why Won’t You Put up my Bag?

  1. So what would happen if someone just dropped their bag? I can’t imagine doing that, but I have met some nasty pieces of work in my time.
    I always bring a rucksack because I think rollaway bags are a huge inconvenience to my fellow passengers, but now my arthritis is bad enough that I’m considering one. I have kids, and for some reason that seems to mean I need to carry enormous amounts of shite. And my knitting.

  2. Ha. Well of course it does vary, but most commonly, if you just drop it and leave, we’ll look for the culpr-, er…owner via the PA and warn what will happen. That is, if you don’t step forward, it will get left on the jetbridge (after all, then it = security issue). Usually we trip over it in the aisle by your seat, in which case I’ll tell you you have to put it up. If you refuse, it will be taken up front and checked into cargo. (That dropping of bags in the aisle by one’s seat is a regular thing on Kingston, Jamaica flights. It comes with a complimentary look of distain from the passenger. I call that a Kingston Greeting!)

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