7 comments on “Re: Thrown Off the Plane for Taking Photos

  1. The thing is, “the t-word” is not an emotive word to me. Terrorism has been a part of the background to life for pretty much as long as I remember so it means no more emotional force than, say ‘toast’. Terrorists do not only attack aeroplanes; they have also bombed trains, shopping centres and other places. If a train conductor or a shop assistant evicted someone from the train or shop simply for saying the “t-word” (without threat) then that would be over-reaction. It’s the same on a plane.

  2. I see your point, AnnaC, but the environment of a shop are not the same as that of an airplane, and I think if you go saying the t-word on a train, the response will be none too friendly. Don’t forget, too, that people aren’t afraid of shops or trains like they already are (statistically speaking) or airplanes. So language use is also about not spooking other passengers. (Just for the record, I’m not denying your points, just debating!)

  3. I have used the word “terrorist” when it fits the discussion and will continue to do that on planes. That’s the only way to fight insanity and paranoia, by ignoring it.

  4. It is ridiculous, you are so pathetically afraid by the word terrorist that you don’t even dare writing it. As a former pilot, I would expect the flight crew to act professionally and take decision based upon common sense. Above all to show the utmost respect to those paying your salary.
    Do you know of any terrorist saying he was just that by boarding a plane?

    The very opposite is true; if anyone would have any belligerent intention, he would act as normal as possible, keeping the lowest profile for concealing his plan.

    Unfortunately the terrorism has perfectly achieved its goal, that is to plunge an entire country in a spiral of paranoia. A big chunk of personal freedom is gone -and in the last days we know more about it-, making air travel more costly and time wasting, zillions of dollars are spent -read thrown away- in wars producing pain and destruction to millions of innocents around the globe.

    And the solution should be to ground a passenger because he takes a picture or say a “bad” word?

  5. My point on the matter was that people use certain language as a power play. The rules are as much about freaking other passengers as it is bothering us. But generally, passengers who employ that language know exactly what they are doing, then hide behind, “What? Me? Causing trouble? I just said a word.” They’re like toddlers just poking boundaries to see where they are. So nope. Just no. (IMO)

  6. sorry, you are back at square one. For whatever reason you consider the word terrorist something so scary, up to the point that you don’t even dare writing it. That’s sick. We are well inside psychiatric field.

    I think the core issue here is that you tend to forget that this people you are treating like toddlers or plain idiots are the very same people who pay for your meals three times a day…
    You are not a teacher, you are not their boss. You are not there to give them orders.
    You are there to serve their meals and to whatever you can in order to make their travel as pleasant as possible. That’s the only reason the airline hires you.

    Cabin crews have less than zero idea about real treats and how to prevent or react to them. If you would face a real terrorist you would be neutralized before you would even understand what’s going on.

    Which is absolutely normal. You are not a security officer. Stop pretending you are one or that you understand anything about security. You do not.

    On the other hand you do understand -you should- that passengers can and will change airline when facing arrogant attitude.

    One of the main reason why Far and Middle East airlines are considered the best is the friendly and kind attitude of the personnel. Something to learn from.

  7. I don’t make the rules, guy. Just giving my opinion on why the powers that be have decided to instate them. Let’s not lose sight of what we’re actually talking about here.

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