2 comments on “HOW much water should we be drinking again?

  1. Question about a 19 year old knowing enough to be able to quantify water intake amounts. My approach is more holistic, 1. Thirsty? Drink water until you are no longer thirsty 2. If a fruit juice tastes better than plain water, perhaps you need some carbohydrates as well, drink fruit juice 3. If a soda hits the spot, go for it, but not before trying the first two.

  2. Ah, good…except! By the time you’re thirsty, you are already behind on your intake! Add travel to that, when you’re dehydrating at abnormally fast speeds (well, when it comes to airplane travel anyway) or often distracted from your thirst until you’re quite behind. Well, that’s what happens to be anyhow.

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