4 comments on “The “Rest” of the Story about That Flight… [*Updated*]

  1. I’ll start with oh my god, that is one lousy way to end a holiday. But you are not alone, I have seen others mix up the 24 hr clock. One time in BOS a very senior lady was dropped off at the airport in plenty of time for a 7:00 flight. It’s just that the flight was at 7PM.

  2. Thanks. Though it is especially weird given that I work on the 24hr clock everyday. So it’s not like I don’t expect to see it. I just expect to see it saying something very different! “The More You Know…”, right?

  3. I actually ran into a similar problem back when I was an FA and my husband was a Pilot. In our case, we got slammed by a double-whammy:

    Flight 0800 at 0700.

    I read it wrong, and thought it was Flight 0700 at 0800 (which, funnily enough, actually existed and went to the SAME DESTINATION.)

    We got to the airport and checked in just in time to catch our mistake as they called final boarding, but couldn’t make our actual flight. My husband was shooting daggers at me as we had to sit for standby on one of the few flights we actually *paid* for – but luckily we did get the last 2 seats.

  4. I’m so glad you followed up your experience with this post!

    If you had told me you were on a charter flight, then yeah – maybe that time would sound rational. But not for an international flight with BA.

    I also have had terrible luck with their customer service. The lack of transparency is all over the airline industry (possibly due to their pricing structure) and it’s unnerving you had to spend so many frustrated, pointless hours trying to rebook your travel. It does not have to be that way.

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