2 comments on “How Air Catastrophes Affect Flight Crews

  1. I dont travel but i recently found a site that hass flight attendents chatting among themselves and enjoyed reading it, and then after i read pages, and pages i found this blog to read!! For some reason when i click on this entry, it tells me “its not found” when i click on the read more part of the link.
    Also, would love to read more entries that has the interesting parts of the job, like people, funny or crazy stories of things that have happened…like the “glitter” entry, would have LOVED to read stories about the fun experiences traveling with the glitter girl and why the crews sometimes beg her to bring out the glitter…lol, as you can tell, im lame and have no life..lol
    I think your jobs seems so very interesting and from what i have read around the inter webs, people do not apreciate flight crews enough, until the time the plane comes down and their lives depend on you all.
    Thanks for the blog, its been fun reading it 🙂

  2. Hi there – thanks for the comment. FlyerTalk has done some reorganising and they must have moved the original link. I will fix it next week when I’m “on the ground”. Thanks for letting me know!

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