A layover well-spent, in sunny Kensington Park.

I’m a Flight-Attending writer who lives in Europe and commutes to NYC for work. And I’m married to a guy who’s terrified of flying whom I call Mr. T, if that tells you anything about how this is going to go…

Sometimes I’m funny (I hope). Sometimes I’m serious. Mostly I’m just curious. I can’t put myself into any more of a category than that. (I’m commitment-phobic. So sue me. Why do you think I ended up a Flight Attendant?)

Constantly grooming a personal blog isn’t that super interesting to me so you’ll see I’m not on here every day (or even every week). I know it’s bad form if you’re trying to be Social Media Queen of the Universe but I’ll have to live without that title. I write here when I’m inspired, but it’s more fun to have an actual conversation with you from my Crewed Talk column, Facebook or Twitter @FATravelWriter. So come find me there if you’re bored of waiting for me to say something new here already!

You can find my Crewed Talk column every week on FlyerTalk.com. You might have also seen my stuff on Huffington Post, News.com.au or USAToday, among others. I have also served as an expert media consultant on airline and crew matters. Contact me for more information.