Fave Travel Products

A little list of awesome travel stuff I don’t leave home without…or want someone to give me. [*Ahem*] Some are funny, some are serious. You figure it out.

Clicking on a photo will take you to a seller. (I have no affiliation with any of them. Just being polite!)


Yes this is travel themed more than “use”. So sue me. I have these already and love them. I hoarded them for years but finally realized how silly that is. Now I’m in need of more. Is it weird for office supplies to make you happy?

For the ladies: I love this power foundation. It’s best for travel because it doesn’t come up against airport security liquid rules. (Save room in that baggie for something else!) Also, it’s great for your skin. Hint: the brushes are expensive. I just use the little one that came with my initial free sample. (Also good for travel.)
This make-up is known as “Bare Minerals” and “Bare Escentuals”. It’s only a product vs. company (that makes it) name. It’s all the same thing.

I saw these in a store years ago, and have many times wished I had them handy at work. (Usually for a fellow co–worker, to be honest.) Also available: “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Hand sanitizing with a smile. Also available with snark such as “Clean as shit”, “Bitch slap those germs” and “Take a sick day, asshole”.


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