Umm, where’ve you been, dude?

searchingI do get asked that, as my posting here can be sporadic. I hate that. I’d like to do it more regularly! I’ve got stuff on backlog to post all the time. But…

I have lots of other stuff going on that I get wrapped up in. Actually flying, for one! And when I’m flying I like to take advantage of my crews and layovers and not be on a computer all the time. And when I get home from flying, well, there’s plain old life to catch up on. Travel trips; friends and family who’ve have been waiting patiently for me to not be gone; a husband. You know, life.

And other writing. CrewedTalk comes out every week and that keeps me spinning (along with other writing projects). So I’m afraid my strong suit is not “laser focus”!

The good news is I am usually to be found on my Facebook page and Twitter, as it’s much easier to pop a little thought up there on the spot and is more interactive -which is the part I love the most about doing this. So if you don’t find me here, I really hope to see you there!


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